Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children

Priority 1: Long-term strategic fundraising that supports our move from being a network to being a charity.

Priority 2: MERYC England will focus on the MERYC European Network Conference in June 2017, raising funds for an artistic programme that involves community primary schools and children under five and their families. This will work in partnership with creative arts organisations and East of England music hubs.

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Creating Musical Spaces:

Origins, Cultures and Childhoods

Call for Papers

Advance Notice

MERYC-EuNet Conference

Cambridge University

Faculty of Education

20th-24th June 2017

Thanks to the hard work of the MERYC-UK board of trustees, MERYC’s charitable status has been confirmed.

MERYC ENGLAND Reg. Charity no. 1169504   

Become a member of MERYC England by attending MERYC 2017 in Cambridge UK

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Music Educators and Researchers

of Young Children - England

MERYC-ENGLAND  registered charity no.1169504  Centre for Research in Early Childhood, St Thomas Children’s Centre, Bell Barn Road, Attwood Green, Birmingham, B15 2AF.  +44(0)121 464 0020

MERYC-England’s Fundraising and Income Generation Meeting

was held in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge on Thurs 29 Sept. Michelle Wright from Cause4 facilitated the meeting which was supported by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy.


Final Report to Cause4 01 10 16.docx MERYC-England Constitution Final 05.10.16.pdf