Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children

Centre for Research in Early Childhood,

St Thomas Children’s Centre, Bell Barn Road,

Attwood Green, Birmingham, B15 2AF.  

+44(0)121 464 0020

MERYC-ENGLAND  registered charity no.1169504  

The CREC Certificate of Music Education: Early Childhood is an accredited programme having a significant and distinctive impact on Early Years music education and practice.

Course director:  Dr Susan Young, a leading name in early years’ music education.

Course Team: Nationwide, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Music.

Location: Distance learning with four days at CREC, Birmingham.

Accredited by Trinity College London.

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MERYC ENGLAND Reg. Charity no. 1169504


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The MERYC-England Researching Practice Grant

MERYC-England Researching Practice Grants are intended to support and encourage individuals with an active professional profile in early childhood music education in England to carry out a small-scale Researching Practice Initiative that will support them in developing their practice.  

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